Website Production Timeline

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You will be given a website estimated production period of X days. Website production will not begin until these 2 conditions are met: 1 – Website domain and host as recommended are registered, paid for, and account is active. User name, password, and FTP info if requested must be submitted. 2 – All final website […]

Image Delivery Guidelines

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Your responsibilities as the client: Ensure you make all attempts to attain the highest quality image assets (Unless your stylistic look specifically calls for low quality images, low quality images typically come across as less professional, less refined, and may otherwise ruin a solidly produced website.) Confirm you have read the guidelines below on how to properly prepare […]

How to Build Your Website, Step 1

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Guide to developing your website right on the first try, based on my own process and approach. I hope you find this primer helpful! An Introduction Who am I, and is my perspective applicable to you? I create branding, do the design, and the programming, and the ongoing digital marketing – so I am painstakingly […]

Starting Your Website? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Sophisticated, Clear Websites custom tailored and made for people who care about design.   About Steven Chu Studio: Based here in New York City, working between Manhattan & Brooklyn – we can handle your entire brand and website development process from start to finish.   Stages One: Planning Find and bookmark 3 contemporary websites that can be inspirations for […]

When Does the Branding Process Start?

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The brand is the most definitive and guiding statement. Your brand is the decider on every action you take. It must inform everything you do. Your brand is your projected and idealized persona. We say a person who has two conflicting personalities is schizo. A person whose temperature bounces between two extremes might be bipolar. […]


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