Hi! My name is Steven Chu. I’m a digital product designer and Shopify Expert here in New York. In this video I want to walk you through how I approached designing and developing the brand experience for Flora 1761’s e-commerce website.

To really achieve a boutique, intimate feeling, we’re using Shopify’s Pop theme as my base starting point for re-skinning and customizing.

I’d say my single-most goal for the creative direction of this site was to really capture and recreate for visitors the idea that it’s the little unexpected moments of beauty that add delight to our lives.

I definitely wanted to make a strong historic homage - as Flora 1761 takes it’s inspiration from Denmark’s Flora Danica. The Flora Danica is a comprehensive botanical atlas that documented all the wild plants native to Denmark in the period from 1761 (when it was first published) -1883 (when it was completed 123 years later).

A non-negotiable is that I still wanted the presentation to feel dynamic and fresh.
My solution was this mish-mashed collage between real and illustration, indoor yet outdoor —where you see each lacquer bottle paired with an antique illustration of the flower the color is inspired by.

One of the subtle animation elements you see is flower pollen blowing down the page. It ended up working because all the graphics are transparent.

With transparent PNGs though come huge load sizes. I solved for this with CSS media queries combined with Shopify’s liquid image requests so we could serve the proper image sizes for the screen.

And lastly, one of my personal favorite parts of this design is the hero image in the tablet view. I think it’s a super chic layout, so I’m glad we were able to work something special in.

All in all, I hope you grab one of these beautiful colors, cause in my personal biased opinion, they look expensive AF. Thanks for watching and feel free to send your comments and Shopify theming questions!


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