Creative Director: Geada Ford
Brand Journey / User Experience Designer: Steven Chu

Marie Forleo lights up our lives and our inboxes weekly.. every Tuesday morning to be exact! Beyond MarieTV, B-School (the online course to jumpstart entrepreneurship in every woman), and ever growing initiatives with Oprah, Richard Branson to beyond, the flagship property needed to scale in utility beyond being a container and portal to products; it needed to be the brand’s experience of being of-service and self-empowerment.

I crafted the logic and robust set of wireframes for the 2.0 site. It was imperative that every time our visitors took action (from every click, to every read, to every comment) that it represented a step upward from inaction to feeling empowered, in action, and with greater mental clarity around what you needed to do next (whether that was directly with the brand or something you needed to get in order in your own life).

We can catalyze action when we present the right information at the right decision time. While as designers we know this, the opportunity to make a difference here was palpable and we took this mentality extremely to heart.

The 2.0 logic accounts for varying entry points to the brand experience, and has an onboarding UX appropriate to each.

The main (always visible) navigation corresponds to the 4 phases of brand journey, while the drawer navigation acts as the visitor’s own toolbox to discovery and empowerment.

If you want to mine for insights to fill your toolbox, we designed the blog to empower a self-initiated search.
If you want a more guided viewing experience, jump into the MarieTV library, choose a theme that suits your mood, and sit back and relax.

Each channel and section of the site including About, Get Started, and Shop, translates the core concepts of physical world experiences of hosting, guest entertaining, and shopping.

As a result, we deliver an experience effortless and natural (not a tech experience), driven from heart, and powered by methodology.


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