A Visual Experience Designer (VED) leads the development of multiple design projects for an organization. The VED partners with the Creative Director to develop work — from concept through implementation — at a very high standard in a variety of media outlets and touchpoints.

A VED is deeply interested in visual storytelling, communication and experience design, with a passion for unconventional approaches and conceptually-driven solutions.

The VED assumes responsibility that the brand identity, visual communications, and brand experiences will be flowed across all channels of an organization.


Visual Design is considered a more correct terminology and is different from the better known graphic design (graphics)[9] or Interface design (electronic media) because it covers all types of design applied in communication that uses visual channel for transmission of messages,[6][7][8] precisely because this term relates to the concept of visual language of some media and is not limited to support a particular form of content. The breadth of it’s subdisciplines can be found here.



Responsibilities include developing design for print and digital media, including collateral, presentation graphic, and responsive web design; generating multiple directions for new concept work; creating identity designs for new initiatives; helping to conceive and create video and motion graphic work; and extending the organization’s visual language into new media and geographies.


  • Design and produce exceptional creative work in various media, including print, interactive, video, and environments
  • Manage design projects from initiation through delivery, incorporating input from multiple stakeholders
  • Collaborate with team members across the organization to:
    • Develop compelling communications for numerous audiences
    • Create specific assets, including web layouts and interactive designs, campaign graphics, print and interactive publications, video and motion graphics
    • Develop a suite of guidelines to maintain brand and graphic standards across the organization
  • Support all creative and brand building efforts


Ideal skillset

  • Passion for creating extraordinary, conceptually-driven, aesthetically-precise work
  • Strong collaboration skills and the ability to both concept and follow creative direction
  • Breadth of professional design experience working in traditional and digital media, from abstract to execution, including responsive design and consumer-facing assets
  • Strong knowledge of current trends and arts/design history
  • Technology fluent and well-versed in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign as a bare minimum
  • Exceptional typographic and layout skills, including an understanding of grids and visual hierarchy
  • Ability to manage time well and work independently


As a firm description of this online is scarce, I’ve decided to cobble together a few sources (1) and my own insights to provide a more comprehensive description on what this work entails.

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