You will be given a website estimated production period of X days. Website production will not begin until these 2 conditions are met:

1 – Website domain and host as recommended are registered, paid for, and account is active. User name, password, and FTP info if requested must be submitted.

2 – All final website content to be used in production must be submitted:

= Images in highest resolution format must be zipped and submitted via For full detail on delivery requirements, please read this guide.

= All copy must be submitted via google docs and shared to

The timer will not begin until both of these criteria have been confirmed received. Please do not miss any production deadlines to ensure your website is executed without hiccups. Missed deadlines void the estimate production period, and a new one will be given. This is especially important if you have a desired specific website launch date in mind – please plan accordingly. No exceptions.

on May 3, 2016

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